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Archived Issues of our Monthly Magazine

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November/December 2020 - Year End Newsletter

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Coming out of the Feast of Tabernacles in October, the ICEJ was excited to report on the success of our first online Global Feast, held in a new format this year due to Corona-related travel restrictions. Find out how we were able to reach more people in more nations than ever before through our brand new online streaming platform. Tens of thousands of Christians from 109 nations participated in this year’s virtual Feast, broadcast live from Jerusalem, and many are still watching and enjoying the rich content and dynamic worship experience through one of our special Feast packages. In addition, we look back at an unusual year of many challenges and all the ways we were able to assist Israelis severely impacted by the Corona crisis. Month by month, this year-in-review summary will encourage you to believe God to see you through during this difficult time, and to help us reach out to the nation and people of Israel as never before.

September/October 2020 - The Abraham Accords: Israel's breakthrough with the Arab world

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In this issue of Word From Jerusalem, we cover the recent Abraham Accords which Israel concluded with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. This diplomatic breakthrough has huge implications for the region, as other Arab states are also ready to normalise relations with Israel.

There is also an encouraging Bible teaching on Joshua leading the Israelites across the Jordan and into the Promised Land. This story serves as a model for our ministry today, as the time of the Coronavirus is definitely “a way you have not been before”. Plus, we review all the plans and preparations for our online Global Feast 2020 in October, which was shaping up to be a brand new virtual Feast experience for more people in more nations than ever before. And there is more on our continuing AID and Aliyah work to help Israel in the midst of the Corona pandemic. Then learn about our efforts to defend Israel’s place in Scripture with our Danish Bible petition. Finally, we have been praying, and then praying some more! Find out more in the September/October 2020 issue of the Word From Jerusalem.

July/August 2020 - 30 Years of Aliyah

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As you open this magazine, you may discover that many countries are entering a ‘second wave’ of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Israel and elsewhere, infection rates are again on the rise. But by the grace of God our work continues unabated. In this July/August 2020 issue you will discover the miraculous working power of our God, even in the midst of this world pandemic.

God continues to use the ICEJ to help Jewish immigrants make Aliyah to Israel even during lockdowns and travel bans, bring the nations together in prayer through many new ICEJ online prayer initiatives like the Global Prayer Gathering and Rosh Chodesh 24-hour prayer, serve the poor, elderly, and those in great need during this time, and so much more! As you close this magazine, we pray that you will be encouraged by what God is doing, and yet inspired to pray even more for Israel and the nations!

May/Jun 2020 - Helping Israel Through Corona Crisis

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God has moved in practical and powerful ways through the ICEJ to impact the nation of Israel by packing and delivering meals to Holocaust Survivors and others in quarantine, providing special holiday foods for families celebrating Passover in isolation, and bringing new immigrants to the land of Israel and helping them through the adjustment. We give glory to God as we have seen Him touch many segments of Israel's society with His encouragement and hope through your giving and our hands.

Both in Israel and in the nations, God continues to bless and impact the Jewish people in positive ways by letting them know they are not alone. Thank you for standing with Israel through this difficult season.

Mar/Apr 2020 - Israel: An Ongoing Miracle

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This issue focuses on the Holocaust because there were many events that occurred here in Jerusalem and around the world in honor of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. As you flip through the pages of this Word From Jerusalem, you will hear about how God brought 50 Heads of State, Royals, and National dignitaries to Jerusalem to attend the World Holocaust Forum, several stories from Holocaust Survivors, and an update from the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors.

You will also discover an article by ICEJ VP & Senior Spokesman David R. Parsons addressing Trump's peace plan, testimonies from ICEJ's Envision Pastor's & Leader's Conference, news about aliyah from the Soviet Union and Ethiopia, and more!

Word From Jerusalem Nov/Dec 2019

Jan/Feb 2020 - Prepare the Way: New Year

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It's a new year, so it's time to check out our new magazine! As you flip through the beginning pages, you will find an intriguing teaching from ICEJ's President Dr Jürgen Bühler about the prophet Balaam and how God views Israel. As you continue through the magazine, you will discover an analysis written by ICEJ's VP & Senior Spokesman David Parsons with keen insights on the political efforts to topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Also, inside this edition you will discover many exciting new beginnings that have happened within the ICEJ, Israel, and the nations! You do not want to miss reading about ICEJ's newest Vice President, the impact on Israeli communities through social businesses, trauma treatment for children in the south, ICEJ events in Germany, a regional conference in Europe, and so much more!

We pray that as you read this magazine, the Lord will speak to you in a very special way! Happy New year from the ICEJ! 


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