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Nov/Dec 2018 - Feast of Tabernacles 2018

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The ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles 2018 was, once again, a spectacular display of the nations coming up to the Holy City of Jerusalem to worship the Lord in unity together with the people of Israel. Read highlights of this annual prophetic event in this issue of ICEJ's Word from Jerusalem. 

True to the theme of “Dare to Dream”, the Lord gave a strong word through Pastor Adeboye that we are “not to limit the Holy One of Israel” when it comes to our dreams.

Feastgoers were blessed by heavenly worship, excellent teaching and numerous different seminars on the intricacies of modern Israel from security concerns to business development.

By the end of the week, feast attendees and Israeli guests alike were beginning to dream in unison about the future.


Sept/Oct 2018 - Journey of Dreams

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Dr. Jürgen Bühler demonstrates some of the deeper, surprising regional trends in the Middle East and how Israel's standing is changing for the better (pp. 4-6).

Israel is a strong nation with a strong economy, so one might ask, “Why should Christians still give to bless Israel?” Barry Denison addresses this important question. (pp. 8)

The road to reach Jerusalem for the remainder of Ethiopia’s Jewish community has been a long and hard-fought effort. Read more about the moving documentary called "Journey of Dreams." (pp. 14-15)

Enjoy the journey as you read each of these articles displaying God's hand moving powerfully here in Israel and in the nations.  


July/Aug 2018 - The Impact of Israel's Rebirth

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A key issue in our times and in the time up to our Lord’s coming is the battle for truth. Dr. Jürgen Bühler tackles this important issue head on, as he digs into the workings behind demonic deception and how to withstand the assault against biblical truth (pp. 4-6).

Israel’s rebirth seventy years ago sent shock waves through Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, who all chose different ways of reacting and adapting to Israel’s renewed existence. Read and learn about the separate paths each community chose (pp. 8-9).

The ICEJ is also excited to report on its new global prayer project, “The PrayerWave” (p. 10) and our new Cyrus Award, which has been given in connection with embassy openings in Jerusalem (pp. 14-15). 


May/June 2018 - Celebrating Israel at 70

Be inspired reading about the ICEJ’s one-of-a-kind gift to Israel, as Dr. Jürgen Bühler lays out the vision for the new 24/7 global prayer wave. Gain historical insights from David Parsons’ writing on some of the remarkable contributions Christians have made in the founding of the Modern State of Israel – from the corridors of power to the fighting on the battlefield.

Get a taste of exciting new projects such as the Yad Vashem educational center at Israel’s largest desert base in the Negev; discover how an Israeli app is making a big impact for small African farmers; and understand how the ICEJ is strengthening the people of Israel through its AID work and mustering global support through its public diplomacy.

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Mar/Apr 2018 - The Miracle of Israel's Rebirth

In this spring issue of WFJ, read how Dr. Jürgen Bühler expertly explains the timeline and sequence for Biblical prophecy for Israel, and how David Parsons frames the miracle of Israel’s rebirth. Also, stay abreast of our new project initiatives such as the expansion for the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors, reports on the ICEJ’s highly inspirational Envision conference, and how PTSD victims find peace at sea through an ICEJ-sponsored sailing program. Discover this and much more in “Dare to Dream – The Miracle of Israel’s Rebirth.” 

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Jan/Feb 2018 - New Things

The Trump administration's landmark decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital set new things in motion. Read Dr. Jürgen Bühler's observations on the remarkable jubilee cycle  that God is fulfilling for Israel and Jerusalem. Gain further understanding of the controversy over Zion reading David Parson's making the case for Jerusalem and read updates on ICEJ projects in Israel and war-torn Syria.  
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Nov/Dec 2017 - Feast 2017 Special Edition

The 2017 Feast of Tabernacles was spectacular and colorful as dynamic worship teams and annointed speakers gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the most high God and His city. The Feast also commemorated the liberation of Jerusalem 50 years ago and was honored by the participation of veteran paratroopers who took part in freeing the city.  


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