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Latest Edition: Nov/Dec 2016 - All the Families of the Earth

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WFJ Sep-Oct 16

Sep/Oct 2016 - Historic Breakthrough for Ethiopian Jews

God does not expect us to be “spiritual superheroes” when we pray. Elijah, whom we consider a spiritual giant, was called by James an ordinary man just like you and me. But Elijah put his trust into God’s hands, thus God could do extraordinary things through this ordinary man.
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WFJ Jul Aug

 Jul/Aug 2016: All the Families of the Earth

The theme of the 2016 Feast of Tabernacles: “All the Families of the Earth,” points to God’s promise to Abraham and also to his descendants. This is God’s masterplan to save His church from every tribe and nation, and also reflects the importance of the family within the very heart of God.
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem

May/Jun 2016: A Modern Day Miracle

Today we are witnessing one of the greatest miracles of modern history: After more than 2000 years the Jews have returned to Israel, with increasing numbers returning every year. Never before in human history has a people been dispersed for centuries to the four corners of the earth, only to return to that same ancient homeland and re-establish an independent state.
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Mar/Apr 2016: Exodus in the Time of Moses and Today

When the Lord God of Israel brought His people out of Egypt, a whole nation was taken out from under the rule and control of that era’s superpower. This massive exodus took place roughly 3500 years ago and never in the history of humanity – before or since – had anything similar occurred. Until today.
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem

Jan/Feb 2016: Survivors: The Builders of Israel

Our generation has the privilege of caring for and learning from the very oldest and last survivors of the Holocaust. Many survivors in Israel are frail, weak, poor, and alone. As a result of this final life-stage, coupled with the haunting photos of the Shoah, it is understandable to mistakenly regard survivors as always having been feeble and fragile victims. 
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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem

December 2015: The Year in Review

2015 has been full of new opportunities, great challenges, and tremendous blessing for the ICEJ. Serving as the bridge between the Christians from around the world and the nation of Israel we were privileged to once again leave a lasting impact on the people of this land by fulfilling God’s command to comfort His people.
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