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The purpose of ICEJ AID

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ICEJ Vision

Who We Are

The International Christian Embassy was founded in 1980 to carry out the mandate of Isaiah 40:1 to comfort the people of Israel. ICEJ Aid has responded with giving to meet social needs within Israeli society through a vast network of contacts and relationships.

Read on to see some of the work done by ICEJ Aid throughout the country as well as a description of several fundraising projects. We invite you to partner with us in showing Christian care to the nation of Israel by contributing to or fundraising for one of the enclosed projects.


What We Do

ICEJ AID’s vision is to build relationships, foster reconciliation and share God’s love through a wide variety of humanitarian projects that respond to the many areas of pressing social need.

In addition to our support of the Jewish people, some 20% of our funds are targeted to assist the needs of the Arab, Druze and Bedouin minorities who make up a corresponding proportion of Israel’s population.

ICEJ AID is run by a Christian volunteer team of Hebrew-speaking professionals qualified in the area of social services. Our staff prayerfully assesses each project proposal by establishing personal contact with the community, individual or organization involved; a process that brings them into constant contact with municipal authorities, community leaders and charitable institutions across Israel on behalf of donors worldwide.

ICEJ Aid supports locally administered assistance programs that touch a vast spectrum of social need, including: disabled, children in need, youth-at-risk, new immigrants and the elderly.

Whether you are an individual or represent a larger organization or ministry, our extensive experience and network of relationships can ensure that your gift to the people of Israel is used effectively. Today’s overwhelming social needs give us an unprecedented opportunity to comfort and bless this nation in the name of Christians around the world as an act of reconciliation and love.


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