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Supporting Israelis in Times of Crisis

Nov/Dec 2019 WFJ Article

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20 Nov 2019
Supporting Israelis in Times of Crisis

Israeli Security Officials Receive 21 ICEJ First Responder Kits

Sadot Negev security officials came together just outside an army base in the southern region of Israel to receive First Responder kits, donated by the ICEJ. As each officer received a backpack filled with tools and equipment to help them better respond in a crisis, they gave the ICEJ heartfelt thanks. Our ICEJ Aid director Nicole Yoder explained that Christians are providing these emergency response tools to Israeli communities because “We love this nation and we know that you as security officials have a challenging job to protect your communities along the border. We pray for you often, however, we also want to help in a practical way. May these tools help those first on the scene of crisis to respond quickly to save lives.”

The Security Chief of the Sadot Negev Region, Rafi Babian, shared his deep gratitude towards the ICEJ by saying, “Thank you very much for the first responder equipment, but also for all the calls from you to see how we were doing during times of crisis. It warms our hearts that there are people standing with us. We have many trained people, but we needed the right equipment. And now we have it. Thank you very much. Please continue to pray for the peace of the residents and the blessing of God.”

Thank you for your generous gifts to bless the Jewish people, allowing them to better prepare for times of crisis. Help us continue to stand with Israel today:

Destroyed by Fire, Yet Revived by Community
Five short kilometers from the Gaza border sits Kfar Aza, a small community regularly targeted by Gaza terrorists. Early September, ICEJ Aid received a grand tour of this strong and humble community Shai Hermesh, 75-year-old Kfar Aza resident. A former Knesset member who served in Israel’s parliament for seven years, Shai is down-to-earth, yet extremely resilient and passionate about people, politics, and the rights for Israelis to live in the land that belongs to Israel. He has been a mighty defender of his community and nation, even in the most life-threatening moments where Gaza continually launched rocket, mortar and fire raids at their homes and land.

As we walked the streets of this beautiful and peaceful area, we realized this place is not always so tranquil. Shai explained, “It is so peaceful, and yet it can be interrupted in a second.” Due to the continual attacks from Gaza, there are shelters every 150 meters throughout the kibbutz. The ICEJ has donated several shelters and a sheltered room, and we have recently donated to the reconstruction of their park which was destroyed by fire kites from Gaza. The people in this community were not willing to let their destroyed piece of land remain desolate; therefore, they asked for help to turn their burnt fields into a beautiful park. The park will serve as a gathering place for the kibbutz and is expected to be completed in February 2020. Thanks to God and your generous gifts for turning what the enemy meant for evil into something great: A beautiful park full of new trees, plants, fruit, and life!


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