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ICEJ sponsors urgent relief efforts for Israelis under fire

ICEJ Aid delivers hope in the midst of crisis

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24 Nov 2012
ICEJ sponsors urgent relief efforts for Israelis under fire

In mid-November, Israeli leaders ordered the IDF to take concerted action against the repeated launching of rockets and mortars from Gaza into southern Israel. The launching of “Operation Pillar of Defence” came after Hamas and other radical Islamic militias in Gaza had escalated their missile fire into the Negev region on three separate occasions in the previous month.

At the start, it was difficult to assess where this military confrontation would lead. Israeli air forces successfully targeted several top Hamas military commanders in Gaza and destroyed many of the terror militia’s rockets, underground launch sites, and weapons factories. Yet hundreds of rockets continued to land inside Israel, including several aimed at Tel Aviv and even at Jerusalem. The Israeli public was told to be prepared for an extended conflict and IDF ground forces were ready to enter Gaza if the rocket fire did not cease and a truce was not reached.

As a result of this rocket threat, more than one million Israeli civilians in southern Israel had to constantly huddle in bomb shelters, schools were closed throughout the region, and scores of families fled north. The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was fully committed to helping needy Israeli citizens who had fallen victim to these rocket attacks from Gaza.

To accomplish this, the ICEJ activated our “Israel in Crisis Fund” and is now using it to meet urgent needs among those communities most impacted by the recent violence. The Christian Embassy has extensive experience in humanitarian relief in Israel through our own projects as well as our long-standing partnerships with local Israeli charities and social workers in the areas under fire, and we have been responding from day one of the hostilities to numerous urgent requests for help.

An ICEJ-sponsored relief team of nine volunteers was on the ground within 24 hours of the outbreak of the conflict, providing food, clothing, first aid kits, blankets, toiletries and shelter to those affected by the hostilities. Our team was first on the scene to give humanitarian aid to families in the apartment building and surrounding neighbourhood of Kiryat Malachi where three Israelis were killed in a direct Grad rocket hit.

Special efforts are being made to assist children and the elderly. Toys, games, crafts, books and candy have been distributed to children in hospitals and community bomb shelters. Meals are being delivered to senior citizens and needy families. All of these efforts are being done in coordination with Israeli social welfare authorities and other local officials.

The ICEJ and its charitable partners arranged for four busloads of elderly people, among them many Holocaust survivors, to be evacuated from the South to temporary housing in assisted-living homes in Netanya and Haifa.

We also can report that five of these dear survivors have now found a temporary home in the ICEJ-sponsored Home for Holocaust Survivors in Haifa. They are quite happy to be safe and warm and cared for by the dedicated staff.

The ICEJ’s relief efforts were reported in the Israeli media, including a TV report on Channel 10 and an article on Ynet.

In addition, the ICEJ is arranging to deliver humanitarian aid in coming days to the beleaguered Christian community in Gaza, which is caught between the two sides.

So please get involved in this ongoing relief effort by donating today to our “Israel in Crisis Fund”.

We also ask that you earnestly pray for the safety of innocent civilians on both sides, as well as for a resolution which will ensure that the Hamas rocket threat is finally removed from over southern Israel.

In addition, please speak out on Israel’s behalf to your local communities, media and government leaders, especially to stand with Israel’s right to defend its citizens.


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