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ICEJ helping vulnerable children and youths-at-risk receive second chance

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25 Apr 2022
ICEJ helping vulnerable children and youths-at-risk receive second chance

Who will care for the vulnerable children when their world seems to crumble around them?

Liela (14), Adam (11), Sharon (9) and Yanai (8) are Israeli siblings who have grown up in a home where abuse and violence has dominated their young lives. Their father was abusive and physically violent before he disappeared from their lives, while their mother is a drug addict.

Experiencing this kind of violence and abuse can have a long and wide-ranging impact on these children, which is often displayed in behavioral issues, aggression, delinquency, and poor social skills.

All four children were recently removed from their abusive situation and placed in therapeutic family group homes. Given the complex dynamics clearly on display between the siblings, Leila and Adam were placed together in one home, while Sharon and Yanai were placed in a different home. The homes are within the same area, making it easier for the children to regularly visit each other.

Each therapeutic family group home has loving house parents who serve as an example of what healthy, non-violent communication and intimate family relationships should look like. Although the adjustments are challenging at times, the children can slowly begin to trust again, as they are taken through group therapy sessions and intensive personal therapy. With much love and patience, the non-visible wounds running deep within can gently begin to heal. They have a chance at developing a healthy childhood and growing into loving adults, thereby breaking the abusive cycle.

At the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, we understand the need to provide extra support for these children, since budgets available to care for them are minimal.

“Through our Giving a Future and a Hope fund and the very generous support from our Christian friends in Canada and the United Kingdom, it is a joy to support these vulnerable orphans and virtually orphaned children,” explained Nicole Yoder, ICEJ Vice President for AID & Aliyah.

While not all children living in these family group homes are classified as orphans, either having one or no living parent, or no feasible biological support system, those who do fit these criteria need additional assistance as the biological family provides no safety net.

This being the reality, the giving of our Christian friends meant that when Leila, Adam, Sharon and Yanai’s arrived at their group home, all four children were taken shopping to purchase basic necessaries such as new toothbrushes and towels, warm clothing, pajamas, and shoes. Yanai especially loves his fun fictional character toothbrush.

You can make a real difference in the lives of these vulnerable Israeli children suffering from abuse. By partnering with ICEJ, together we can give them a second chance to be loved and cared for, and have their basic needs supplied. Please give to our Future and Hope program with your best gift today. 



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