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ICEJ brings another 41 Jews home to Israel

Aliyah flights sponsored for nearly 900 immigrants since Corona

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Posted on: 
2 Jun 2020
ICEJ brings another 41 Jews home to Israel

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem brought another 41 Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants to Israel on Tuesday, many on connecting flights that originated in cities all across the vast former Soviet Union. The ICEJ has now brought home nearly 900 Jews on Aliyah flights over the past three months of the Corona travel bans.

As the Coronavirus spread earlier this year and international flights were cancelled around the globe, it appeared that Aliyah to Israel would be suspended. Yet surprisingly, interest among Jewish families in coming to Israel has actually increased, and the ICEJ has been in a unique position to help the Jewish Agency bring them home on emergency chartered flights.

The flight on Tuesday included Jews from across the former Soviet republics. Many had to first take connecting flights of six to eight hours from eastern Siberia and other distant regions to reach Moscow, before the entire group could make the final leg to Tel Aviv together. Since this involves a permanent move to a new country, the Christian Embassy also has paid for extra luggage allowances for these families.

With this week’s flight group, the ICEJ has now sponsored Aliyah flights for 896 Jewish immigrants to reach Israel during the past three months of the Corona crisis. And many more are waiting to come.

In fact, Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog recently said that there will very likely be “a big wave in Aliyah” in coming weeks and months, as many Jewish families abroad view Israel’s situation as better than their current countries – both health-wise and economically.

The Jewish Agency also is requesting that the ICEJ assist with yet another Aliyah flight next week from the Russian-speaking regions to our North, but we need your help! The door of Aliyah is still open, and you can make a major difference in the life of a Jewish family today.

Please support the Aliyah efforts of the ICEJ by giving today!


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