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ICEJ in the Balkans & Holland - ICEJ International

Nov/Dec 2019 WFJ Article

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20 Nov 2019
ICEJ in the Balkans & Holland - ICEJ International

Shaping History through Prayer in the Balkans
Macedonia, a federal state in former Yugoslavia, occupies a small area in the Western Balkans, between Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, the name “Macedonia” became a problem for the Greeks who could not accept that the name, historically associated with Greece, should be used by another country. The impasse lasted for more than two decades until, in 2018, the leaders of Greece and the former Yugoslav republic agreed the country would be called North Macedonia. Local Christians shared with ICEJ a fascinating story behind this breakthrough which does not get reported in secular media. 

A group of intercessors from the Balkan countries had been meeting in different locations throughout the region to pray for healing, reconciliation and forgiveness; something this blood-drenched part of the world really needs. A few months ago, these intercessors met at a small town on the shores of the Prespa Lake and, during the prayer time, sensed spiritual breakthrough. Soon afterwards, the leaders of Greece and Macedonia met in the same town at the very same hotel and announced they had reached an agreement regarding the name of the country. 

When an international team and Mojmir Kallus, ICEJ Vice President of International Affairs, visited the region in September, they met several of the intercessors, and discovered the involvement of several ICEJ national leaders in this group. We rejoice at having found such faithful partners. Against this backdrop, we are full of confidence that the recently established branches in Bulgaria and Albania will continue to prosper. The newest addition is ICEJ-Macedonia, which was opened after a short preparatory work on 10 September 2019. National Director and professional musician, Asparuh Hadji Hristov, is supported by a board of pastors representing the Body of Christ in the country. We wish them much blessing for their work on behalf of Israel.

Holland Branch Hosts Summer Conference

Recently, ICEJ-Netherlands held its annual Summer Conference at a Christian retreat center in southern Holland which drew nearly five hundred Dutch believers from all over the country. National Director Dr. Jacob Keegstra (right) and his wife Hennie hosted the three-day gathering and David Parsons (left) came from Jerusalem to be the featured speaker.


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