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I Regret Nothing

Ye’elim Absorption Centre in Beersheba

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Posted on: 
6 Jun 2018
I Regret Nothing

God is bringing the Jewish people up from their lands of slavery and bringing them to their promised land of Israel. Aliyah is a dream for many Jews around the world, and yet living out that dream brings many trials that need to be overcome. An essential and efficient way to full immersion into Israeli society is through absorption centres. This is where the ICEJ steps in to help support these new Jewish immigrants.

On February 14th, ICEJ AID led a group of 30 visitors from ICEJ Germany to the Ye’elim Absorption Centre in Beersheba, where they heard powerful testimonies from new immigrants. One impactful story was that of a young Russian Jewish father, who within one year of moving from Russia to Israel with his young pregnant wife, became a father, learned English and Hebrew, was trained in IT and received an offer to work at an IT firm in Israel. He explained, “My family and I would not be where we are today without all of the help and support from this programme. What can I say? I regret nothing.”

The director of the Ye’elim Absorption Centre, Morris Cohen, shared his gratefulness to the ICEJ for continued partnership in helping thousands of new immigrants, “Thank you to the ICEJ. It’s because of your generosity that we can carry out many different programmes for the immigrants from all around the world.” The IT training for new immigrants is funded by the ICEJ, and amazingly the success rate has been 100%. We have helped train approximately 30 IT programmers every year for the past five years, and every single one of these new immigrants has a job!

God is continuing to move powerfully in bringing the Jewish people to their promised land of Israel. It is our joy and honour to be a part of what He is doing, and we invite you to join us in this beautiful work by helping these new immigrants fully integrate into their new homeland!

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