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God Must Love Us

Haifa Home Update March 2012

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30 Mar 2012
God Must Love Us

"God must love us," said Shimon Sabag, Director of Yad Ezer L'Haver, the ICEJ's Haifa home partner, "there have been many miracles here."  He was referring to unexpected gifts the Home receives from time to time that have enhanced the lives of the survivors.  A company recently donated ten brand new wheelchairs and a dental clinic in Jerusalem has donated a latest technology x-ray machine for the Home's dental clinic.  

Gifts like these are a wonderful help because while renovations are drawing close to completion, there are large ongoing expenses to provide not just shelter and food, but the extras that make up a satisfying lifestyle.

It's amazing to see what the Lord is doing for these poor Holocaust survivors as Christians around the world have stepped in to show them love and make a real difference in their lives through this caring home.

Holocaust Survivors Museum by the ICEJ's Haifa Home

A Holocaust Survivors Museum is in the process of being completed as an extension of the Haifa home. A row of photos from the Holocaust form an extension of the Haifa  Home complex along the street. 

They are a reminder that the residents of the attractive adjoining buildings were part of this terrible history. In fact, it already impacts many visitors, since a visit to the gallery is included in the itinerary of the many tourist groups who now visit the home on their tour through Haifa.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the miracle God is performing in the midst of His people, and especially on behalf of those who have suffered the most.

Make a donation to help the survivors at the Haifa Holocaust home »

Daily Life at the Home

Daily life at the ICEJ's Haifa home

When ICEJ AID staff arrived at the Haifa Home in early March, everyone was still talking about how much they enjoyed being taken to a play at a theatre in Haifa. It was an especially arranged outing but there are plenty of other pursuits available during the week in the Home.

These can include occupational therapy such as art, crafts and special gymnastic exercises. Card and board games, cultural activities, computer lessons and T'nach (Old Testament) Studies are scheduled as well.

The monthly Thursday night birthday celebration for that month's birthdays are a favourite as is the weekly celebration of the Sabbath on the Friday night.   

Annual Holiday Celebrations

 Purim celebration at the ICEJ's Haifa home

The Jewish calendar is marked by various celebrations and commemorations and Purim was in the air when we arrived. The custom of wearing costumes on Purim is a reminder that although God's name is not mentioned in the story of Esther, His protection over His people was disguised by apparent coincidences and natural events which brought about deliverance. In the Director's office a pile of gifts were waiting for each resident. They were from the nearby Science Museum which has proved to be a warm and friendly neighbour to the Haifa Home and visits to their facility forms part of the program of activities that the residents enjoy.

And now preparations for Passover in early April have begun. There will be two sittings of the all important Seder (special meal) as many people are to be included. Firstly the Haifa Home Family and their family and friends will celebrate together and the second one is for survivors from Haifa. Several days before though, it will be 'all hands on deck' as residents join in the preparation of food packages for needy families in the area,  for their Passover meal.

Survivor Adoption Program

The ICEJ's Holocaust Survivor Adoption Program is not only a vital financial support; it helps the survivors know that they are not forgotten. Each one has told us of their deep gratitude to the ICEJ and that they tell all their friends about us; many of whom had never heard that Christians support the Jewish people.

ICEJ Adoption program

Adopters can be assured that they are greatly appreciated and can enjoy some sense of connection to the Home.  When you join our Adoption program, you will be given the opportunity to send a card to one of the residents.

"I love her without knowing her!" said Esther as she held a postcard close to her, "After losing family in the Holocaust, it means so much that people are thinking of us."  

As Yitzhak slept, his devoted wife Fanny smiled with pleasure as the letter to them both was translated to her.  Yitzhak sleeps a lot she explained, he is very weak now. When he was ten years old, Yitzhak had to work as hard as an adult to avoid deportation from the Lodz ghetto to the Death Camps. His small size allowed him to escape from the ghetto at night to try and steal food and other items to help the ghetto inmates. Now, the weakness of poor health and old age has overcome him but his closing years are within the security of a loving environment thanks to the Haifa Home.

Adopt a Holocaust survivor today »

Thank you for your part in this.  Please encourage others to help Holocaust Survivors.

Learn more about the ICEJ's Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors »


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