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Bringing Joy to Israelis at Passover

Over 600 families helped during Pesach

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23 Apr 2012
Bringing Joy to Israelis at Passover

Thanks to the many gifts made towards our Passover Appeal, we were able to touch the lives of more than 600 families in Israel over the Passover holiday.

The donations received enabled the assembly of food baskets, the funding of a Seder meal for the mentally ill, the painting of a number of family homes, the gift of food coupons and the provision of new clothing to families unable to provide for their children.

Ehiopian Jews helpedThose aided included elderly, single parent and large families of little means, lone soldiers, disabled, and new immigrants to Israel.

We'd like to share some thank you testimonies to let you know how much this means to Israelis:

“I would like to thank you and all the donors wherever they may be, for showing us the good will to give. All the activities to help needy families and lone soldiers were done so generously. Your generous donations succeeded in bringing many families to the holiday table without the shame they feel at not being able to provide for their families.”

“There can be no doubt this donation put a smile on the faces of many families and gave much joy to many people. I would like to thank you for your gift and pray that you may always succeed in bringing joy to families’ in Israel. May you continue with strength.”

“Thank you for your honorable and generous donation to the community. It has gladdened the hearts of many families in Carmiel over the Passover festival. With your help we were able to maximize our aid and impact impoverished families.”

“Your involvement has been felt in so many areas and we are so happy to enjoy the connection with you over the years. So many in our city have received help through your contributions. For this holiday, it was a joy to provide food packages for many families in the care of social welfare. Your generosity has expanded the number of people receiving help and enabled more families to enjoy the holiday season with joy and dignity.”

Donations helped families such as these:

  • A new immigrant family from Russia with a single, disabled mother struggling to raise 2 small daughters.
  • A new immigrant family from Russia with 4 children. The father is disabled and receives a national pension. However, this family is in severe economic crisis.
  • A divorced single parent mother with a disabled son who needs constant care and assistance. They receive social welfare from the national pension; however, their economic situation is also very difficult.
  • A new immigrant family with 3 children from South Africa. All 3 children are in special education, and the family is facing economic hardship.

Passover basketsAll of these families received generous food baskets which could not have been given without the assistance received through ICEJ Aid.

Donations enabled us to make an impact throughout the nation:

  • Jerusalem - 70 mentally ill people were able to enjoy a Seder meal and 50 families in particularly difficult circumstances were provided with food items and clothing.
  • Ma’ale Adumim – Holiday food baskets for 100 families.
  • Ramle – 66 families with food coupons.
  • Carmiel – Provided food for 295 food baskets.
  • Rishon L’Tsion – We provide a food distribution van which enables collection of food donations for distribution at the holidays and throughout the year. A few thousand families benefit from this program.
  • Kinyat Gat – We purchased paint for a community effort to clean and upgrade Ethiopian immigrant family homes before the holiday and gave food coupons to 22 Ethiopian immigrant families.
  • Ashkelon – 23 families of little means received food coupons at the holiday.

ICEJ Aid staff packing Passover basketsThough there are always more requests than we are able to respond to, we were able to assist many due to the generosity of our supporters.

Each recipient received their holiday gift with a card expressing warm holiday greeting from Christians around the world.

Thank you so very much for your support of the people of Israel.

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