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ICEJ Response to 'Open Letter' to American Christian Zionists

Stop justifying poor theology in the name of 'Justice'

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6 Oct 2011
ICEJ Response to 'Open Letter' to American Christian Zionists

 ICEJ Response to an 'Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists’ published by Fuller Seminary’s ‘Just Peacemaking Initiative’ & The New Evangelical Partnership for Common Good

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Left-leaning evangelical scholars have demonized fellow Christians for supporting Israel, in the name of ‘social justice,’ while espousing poor theology and a general disregard for the history and larger context of the Arab-Israeli conflict – according to the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

On September 19, Fuller Theological Seminary’s ‘Just Peacemaking Initiative’ published ‘An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists’ by Dr. David P. Gushee of Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology and Fuller’s Dr. Glen H. Stassen. It has subsequently been promoted by the New Evangelical Partnership for Common Good on whose board both professors serve.

“In this document the authors claim, amongst other things, that Christian Zionists are not only sinful but produce sin and will be the cause of any upcoming war against Israel including a nuclear attack by Iran,” said ICEJ Interim Executive Director, Dr. Jürgen Bühler at the launch of the ICEJ’s detailed 4,000 word theological response.

The ICEJ’s USA Director, Susan Michael, who co-authored the ICEJ response emphasized that the initial 'Open Letter' was seriously flawed on multiple counts.

“Not only does it demonstrate a flawed understanding of biblical justice, but a degree of theological inconsistency and historical ignorance that are deeply troubling in professors of such high standing in such respected evangelical institutions.  Their one-sided approach of blaming Israel and her supporters while ignoring the transgressions of the other side will never lead to peace and only feeds injustice and hatred of Israel.”

"Our response is written from the vantage point of being located ‘on the ground’ in Jerusalem from where we have been engaged in the issues raised in this ‘Open Letter’, as well as with the various people groups involved in those issues for over three decades,” added Dr. Bühler.

“Our support for Israel does not mean that we think Israel is perfect, or that we blindly support all of her policies.  But if we want to help bring true justice to the Palestinian people then we need to be honest and admit that their problem is not Israel but their own corrupt leaders who seek the goal of eradicating Israel.”

View the detailed ICEJ Response to the ‘Open Letter’ at: »


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