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Cracks Appear in Legal Case Against Netanyahu

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Posted on: 
6 Nov 2019
Cracks Appear in Legal Case Against Netanyahu
Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit responded to press reports about irregularities in the investigation into “Case 4000” against incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by saying that he is taking the allegations seriously and will thoroughly investigate them. However, many analysts opined that the damage done to the credibility of the police by the allegations in the minds of the general public might be difficult to repair, leaving open the possibility that Mandelbilt might be left with little choice but to dismiss Case 4000 and possibly other pending cases against Netanyahu as well.

Israel’s Channel 12 news program and the Israel Hayom newspaper reported in recent days on leaks coming out of the investigation to the effect that the questioning of star witness Nir Hefetz, a former senior aide to Netanyahu, was conducted in an unlawful manner.

Responding to the reports, President of the Israel Bar Association Avi Himi said, “An enforcement agency cannot impose a publishing ban on suspicions without giving the public an explanation of what it is and why it is hidden. Such conduct could seriously damage public confidence in the justice system.”

Case 4000 revolves around allegations that Netanyahu took actions in his capacity as Communications Minister to assist the Bezeq telecommunications company in exchange for positive coverage in the Walla news portal, both of which are owned by business tycoon Shaul Elovitch, a close personal friend and political ally of Netanyahu.

Russian Media Report Kremlin Recovered Israeli Missile
Reports surfaced in the Russian media Tuesday that an air-defense missile fired by Israel’s David’s Sling system at incoming projectiles from Syria on 23 July, 2018, but which landed in Syrian territory without exploding has made its way into Russian custody. The reports said Russian engineers were working on “reverse engineering” the missile, which is the result of several years of joint US-Israeli research and development.

Here is a podcast shedding some more light on this story

Israel Blesses the World
Compugen, an Israeli cancer immunotherapy company based near Tel Aviv, announced on Tuesday that it has conducted promising Phase 1 clinical trials into a new treatment program for people with advanced solid tumors. “We are encouraged by the emerging safety profile and initial signals of anti-tumor activity of COM701,” Compugen president and CEO Dr. Anat Cohen-Dayan told the Jerusalem Post. “Our hypothesis, based on the science of Com701 and PVRIG, is that the patients who are most likely to benefit will be those with breast, ovarian, endometrial and non-small-cell lung cancer.”

“That’s not to say that it won’t work in other cancer indications, but we prioritized these four to be where there is the greatest likelihood that it will work,” she added. “We plan to check this assumption in the next stage of the trial.”

Israel Heading for Another Record Year in Tourism
Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics posted a report this week indicating that approximately 447,100 tourists entered the Jewish State in October 2019, bringing the total entries to 3.7 million since the start of the calendar year, up 10% over the number at the end of October 2018. “Tourism makes a huge contribution both in terms of the economy and in terms of Israel’s image around the world, and I am proud of that,” said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin.

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