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Israel Buyer's Guide

Unique resource to combat BDS campaign, help Israeli businesses reach new markets

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On Monday (13 October 2014), the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem launched a new initiative to assist Israeli businesses in reaching the vast Christian market worldwide by publishing the first annual “Israel Buyer’s Guide.”

The booklet is available in print and on-line and will be distributed to millions of Evangelical Christians worldwide over coming months to serve as a practical resource in helping them locate and identify Israeli products and services available for purchase in their own countries. The publication was compiled in cooperation with the Manufacturer’s Association of Israel and also is intended to help counter the BDS campaign and other efforts to isolate Israel economically.

Copies of the new booklet have been distributed to the thousands of Christians currently taking part in the ICEJ’s annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration in Jerusalem, running from October 10 to 15. Some 4,500 Christians from over 80 nations are expected to attend this year’s gathering, the largest annual tourist event in Israel.

“In spite of all the challenges which Israel faces, it is rightly known today as the ‘Start-Up Nation’, making immense contributions to the world in the fields of medicine, science and technology, and serving as a major engine of the digital age”, said ICEJ Executive Director Dr. Jürgen Bühler. “Through our new ‘Israel Buyer’s Guide’, we want to better inform Christians on how they can find and purchase Israeli goods and innovations abroad while also bolstering the Israeli economy.”

Dr. Bühler noted that Israel is a very modern country, home to a stable and vibrant democracy and a thriving economy based on creativity and equality in the workplace.

“You will find Israeli innovations in your desktop computer, your laptop, tablet, disk-on-key and smart phone. They are in your doctor's office, your bank's on-line security systems, and your local parking garage. Israel is impacting our lives for the better every day, often in ways we are not aware of,” Dr. Bühler added.

The so-called BDS movement is a determined attempt to strangle Israel economically through calls for boycotts, divestment and sanctions.

“Israel’s Christian friends need to stand against these efforts to delegitimise Israel and undermine her economic viability,” Bühler urged. “Yet it also is simply the right thing to do for Christians to buy Israeli products as a pro-active way of supporting the Jewish state.”

The information in the booklet will enable consumers worldwide to enjoy quality Israeli foods, fashion, cosmetics, consumer goods, hi-tech devices and information apps. And it also will allow Christians to support Israeli businesses, bolster its export and trade balance, and undergird Israeli jobs.

The companies and products presented in the booklet are a selective sampling of what is available in foreign markets, and more will be added in coming editions as interest grows among Israeli companies in reaching friendly Christian consumers worldwide.

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