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International Development

An Open Door to the Nations

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At this time, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is experiencing a huge open door in front of us, inviting us to come into the nations and share our message. And for this we need partners!


In our recent publications, we have written of a prophetic word which we received three years ago, that the Lord would open ten new Arab/Muslim countries for our ministry – even though Israel at that time was "an abomination" to those nations. Today, seven of these nations have already been opened!

ICEJ branches in AfricaWe have opened a branch in an Arab nation in  North Africa that is 99%  Muslim, we have gone into  Niger, Senegal, Mali,  Guinea  (all roughly 90%  Muslim), Sierra Leone  (60% Muslim) and Burkina  Faso (50% Muslim). But we  need partners to fund these open doors and for our message  to penetrate those nations and  reach their leaders, both the  spiritual leaders and the national  decision-makers!

In some of these countries we have been able to mobilise the whole Body of Christ to work together with us and they are fully behind our ministry. We also have met with the political leadership of those nations – but we need to do more to keep up the good work that has begun!

Other open countries in Africa, where the Church is eagerly waiting for us to come in to minister and share our message on Israel, are Benin, Togo, Liberia and Congo. In fact, at the moment we have open doors to minister in more than 20 different nations in Africa! Clearly, now is the Lord’s timing for Christians in Africa to get connected to Israel and God’s purposes for her! And we are poised to be used mightily in this calling – together with you!

Latin America & Asia

The doors are wide open to us not only in Africa. Countries in Latin America and Asia are waiting as well! China has opened for us and soon we will have a Chinese language website! All this is beyond our human powers and capabilities – as it should be! Because this is the Lord’s doing and must be done in His power and with His resources!

There are also countries not mentioned by name here, but would need your partnership to really make a difference for Israel in the lives of their citizens.

International Development Fund

In the light of these promising developments within our ministry worldwide, we really need to take heed to the word we have received from the Lord, that we may fulfil it! For this purpose, we have established an "International Development Fund" for those who would partner with us in this great cause to be a blessing to Israel and to connect more of the Lord's body worldwide to Israel!


The Apostle Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, reveals how anyone through his or her financial gift becomes a partaker of the very cause where the gift is given (2 Corinthians 8-9). By contributing towards our ministry efforts in the nations you will not only be enabling us to meet spiritual needs, but also to become an active partner of these dear saints who so strongly desire to bless Israel! So please prayerfully consider what you could do to further this outreach into many new nations and God’s people there! And remember: whoever blesses Israel shall be blessed! (Genesis 12:1-3)

The Need is $200,000

Please consider donating to the international development fund May the Lord Jesus be glorified and Israel blessed through this “International Development Fund” and through your generous gifts towards the cause!

You can give today on-line: 

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