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Journey of Dreams

The Story of the Ethiopian Jewish Community Searching for a Way Home

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For the first time, the Journey of Dreams documentary is now available to view online!


Journey of Dreams DVD by ICEJ

Journey of Dreams Documentary

The road to reach Jerusalem for the remainder of Ethiopia’s Jewish community has been a long and hard-fought effort. In this insightful and heartwarming documentary, the ICEJ's TV Team captures unique moments in Jewish Ethiopia Aliyah today.

You will marvel at the wait and hardship that Ethiopian Jews have suffered, but in equal measure, you will see and feel the joy of those who finally reunite with loved-ones in Israel.

The ICEJ invites you to join in this prophetic mission to bring the last remnant of the Ethiopian Jews back to the Land of Israel and to truly help them feel at home. When you bless Israel through the ICEJ, your financial gift clearly communicates a testimony of Christian love to the people of Israel who need it most.


Journey of Dreams premiered at last year's ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles. Order the DVD today, and receive a link to view on demand as well.



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