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WFJ - The Impact of Israel's Rebirth

July/August 2018 Edition

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We are excited for this month’s WFJ issue and hope you will be, too. A key issue in our times and in the time up to our Lord’s coming is the battle for truth. Dr. Jürgen Bühler tackles this important issue head on, as he digs into the workings behind demonic deception and how to withstand the assault against biblical truth (pp. 4-6).

Israel’s rebirth seventy years ago sent shock waves through Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, who all chose different ways of reacting and adapting to Israel’s renewed existence. Read and learn about the separate paths each community chose (pp. 8-9).

The ICEJ is also excited to report on its new global prayer project, “The PrayerWave” (p. 10) and our new Cyrus Award, which has been given in connection with embassy openings in Jerusalem (pp. 14-15). Aliyah updates on Jews returning home to Israel and the important projects that the ICEJ oversees to comfort God’s people in the Land of Israel are also part of this issue. These projects include efforts such as scholarships for minorities and reaching out to youth at risk in Israel. We hope you enjoy this look into Israel and wish you a pleasant summer!

The ICEJ Media team here in Jerusalem has prepared a short video to get you excited to read the latest edition of the WFJ magazine!



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