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Envision 2018

To find out more about the 2018 Envision Pastors and Leaders Conference and how you can join us in Jerusalem on January 22nd- 25th, visit:

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Mordechai's Story:

He was only 9 years old when his mother told him, "Mottel, (Mordechai's name in Yiddish) run so you can tell the world what has happened here!" That was the last time he saw his mother. Watch how this Holocaust survivor not only survived, but became a builder of Israel! 

For more information on the Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors supported by the ICEJ, visit

Chava's Story:

"In a few hours, be at the train station. You are going on a train for three days," they said to Chava one morning. Little did Chava know,  this was the beginning of her worst nightmare. Watch how this Holocaust survivor not only survived, but became a builder of Israel.


ICEJ Report: Connecting the Church with Israel

The ICEJ has existed in Jerusalem for over 30 years and connects the global church with Israel.

For many centuries the only face of Christianity that Jewish people experienced was the ugly one of anti-Semitism. As the Christian Embassy, we are in Israel to show another face of the Church to the Jewish people.

We are here to affirm to Israel and the nations that God is a covenant keeping God; that He did not abandon His people and He is faithful to every promise He made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


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Pastor Dany's Miracle Story

What started as a normal morning for Pastor Dany, ICEJ's India Director, instantly turned into the most terrifying day of his life! He thought he was going to die, yet it was just the beginning of his miraculous encounter with the man from Jerusalem. Watch Pastor Dany Meka Padma Rao's awe-inspiring story and be amazed by our miracle making God!

To read more, click here.

President of ICEJ: Jürgen Bühler's Miracle Story

Psalm 77:14

"You are the God who performs miracles;
you display your power among the peoples."

Do you believe that God still does miracles today? 
Join special guest host, Gottfried Buehler, as he introduces a miraculous story about his brother Jürgen Bühler, who is the president of ICEJ.

Watch Dr.Jürgen Bühler's inspiring testimony of our faithful God who performed a magnificent miracle in his life! 

ICEJ Report: Mali's Story

How do you find hope in the darkest of situations? Where do you get the courage to dream for the future when your present circumstances are overwhelming? Abandoned by her parents and forced into a life on the streets, Mali was in search of help and hope. This is her story.

ICEJ Aid is committed to giving a hope and a future to more people like Mali.


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Eddie James: The Name of Jesus is Lifted High

Watch this powerful worship service on the shores of the Dead Sea in Ein Gedi, Israel as Eddie James leads over 100 nations in worship at the 2016 Feast of Tabernacles! It is not too late to join us for this year's Feast of Tabernacles for another unforgettable time of worshipping God together in the land of Israel! Click here to register today!

ICEJ Report: Ermias' Story

Can you imagine waiting 18 years to make plans for your future? Having dreams and aspirations inside of you, but unable to plan your life because you are stuck in between two worlds.This is the case for many Ethiopian Jews, waiting to make Aliyah and return to their Biblical homeland.
While in Gondar, Ethiopia, the ICEJ team had the opportunity to meet a remarkable man named Ermias. A young man waiting for approval to move to Israel. Here is his story.
To find out more about how you can show your love as a Christian and sponsor an Ethiopian Jew in coming home, go to

The ICEJ is thankful for its longstanding partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel. This story is brought to you as part of a joint Aliyah effort to help Ethiopian Jews return to their Biblical homeland.


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